I really liked the low-pressure environment, and that made it easier to learn because you weren’t distracted by the stress.  Mr. Horesh was really knowledgeable about the subject he was teaching as well.  Also, the class size was small, which made it feel less intimidating to speak.

 -Charles M.

Mr. Horesh was a great teacher.  He is funny and helpful and makes sure everyone understands a topic before the class moves on.  The labs we did were fun and gave a lot more insight on how chemical reactions work.

-Andre S.

The program was beneficial to my understanding of chemistry.  I know have a strong foundation to start chemistry in the fall.  Mr. Horesh taught at a pace at which the whole class could work.  My favorite part of the class was adapting and increasing my knowledge of chemistry.

-Willam T.

I like how the teacher continuously encouraged questions and clarification.  He also made sure we knew that he would teach us at a good pace as long as we told him if he was going too slow or fast.

-Anjali S.

 This class made me feel very confident of my future in AP chemistry.  As a result of my new knowledge from this class, I was able to complete the entire summer work in 3 days without needing to rely on the textbook.

-Helena M.

The best part of this class was learning equations and having epiphany moments when I finally started understanding a concept.

-Wendell K.

The class made me feel a lot more confident.  I also feel ahead of the game compared to the other students in my class when I take it in the fall—happy that I took this class.

-Carey F.

This class really provided a good foundation for me for chemistry in the fall.  I really felt that I got a lot of exposure to new concepts and ideas that will be covered in the fall curriculum, and I anticipate that that will really help me in the future .                                                                                             

-Kenyon B.